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WordPress (WP) is the fastest growing content management system.

WP is on top of the game and will be here for a very long time 

Learn about WP Multi-uses

·         Personal Blogs

·         Business Blogs

·         WordPress Themes

·         WordPress Plugins

·         WordPress Installation

only £50.00
Introduction to WordPress – Module 1 & 2
  • How to buy & connect a Domain Name/Web Hosting
  • Installing WordPress Automatically/Manually
  • Simple Permalink Keyword Tweaks
  • Creating new Pages/Posts in WP
  • Installing Plugins/Themes/Formatting Images
  • And Many more!
only £50.00
WordPress Intermediate – Module 3 & 3B
This is Intermediate Level – WordPress Training – Module 3
  • How to Customize Your WP Dashboard & Themes
  • Upgrading / Deleting Plugins & Themes
  • Creating a Static Front Page/Permalink
  • Tracking Your Statistics with Google Analytics
  • WordPress Website Speed
  • And Many More!
only £50.00
WordPress Advanced – Unit 1 – 8
This is WordPress Advanced Level.  It consists of 8 Units.
  • How to use the WordPress Theme for your business
  • Site Identity/Header Image or Video
  • Colors,/Widgets/Static Page/Page Layout
  • WordPress Security
  • SEO & Tracking/Analytics
  • Website Conversion/Backup/Restore
  • And Many More!
only £50.00
WordPress For Business Module 1-5
Complete the Introduction before this Unit.
  • Branding – Figuring out your Customers Demographics
  • Creating Memorable Slogans that Stick
  • Power of Colors How to Use Colors to Sell
  • Upgrade Your Logos/Mascots/WordPress Theme
  • Boost Your Brand thru Facebook Posts
  • Customize and Design a WordPress Theme
  • SEO Optimizing your Posts/Pages with Yoast SEO
  • XML Sitemap & XML Google Webmaster Tools
  • And Many More!
Social Traffic
Coming Soon – Watch this space! Social Traffic
  •          How to Decrease Your Bounce and Increase Social Engagement
  •          How to Optimize Your Images So They Are SEO Friendly
  •           How to Get Your Content Indexed in Google Fast With Social Bookmarking
  •          Google Keyword Planner
  •          Youtube Marketing
  •         Facebook Traffic